Past Projects

M41A1 Walker bulldog

Year of manufacture: 1952

The M41 arrived at our workshop as a rusted out wreck with 44 boxes of various sizes and 9 pallets of spare parts mostly NOS, supposedly everything required to complete the restoration. As it turned out this was far from the case.

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M3A1 Scout Car

Year of Manufacture: 1942

The vehicle arrived at our workshop as a rolling chassis with the fighting compartments armoured plates loose fitted. The previous owner had collected almost all the parts required to finish the project and we were told the engine had been rebuilt but everything else needed restoration.

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Land Rover series 3

Year of Manufacture 1974

This little 88 came to as a restored project needing the accompanying engine fitted. Nothing was further from the truth.

Sitting on the back of the truck it arrived on it didn't look too bad, fresh coat of paint & new wheels adding to the impression. Once we had it off the truck and in the workshop the horror story started to reveal itself...

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Land Rover series 2a

Year of Manufacture: 1970

This Land Rover needed a lot of love and attention. The chassis was the worst I've ever seen and needed about of 1/4 of it replaced and the body wasn't much better.

The drive train was completely stuffed, the 186 Holden motor didn't run, the transmission needed 1st, 2nd, synchro rings, synchro hub and all bearings replaced and both diff's needed a complete rebuild.

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