Who We Are

Who We Are

Mil‐Spec Restorations is a small team of highly skilled craftsmen dedicated to the restoration of military vehicles located in Moolap, Victoria, Australia. Our customers range from individuals with one vehicle to Museums with vast collections and everything in between.

We have successfully completed many high‐quality restorations to the satisfaction and delight of our customers. Some of our recent projects include a WWII M3A1 Scout Car and an M41 Walker Bulldog tank, restored from a rusted‐out wreck to running condition.

Our well‐equipped workshop and skilled staff enable us to complete almost all restoration tasks in house. From rebuilding the drive train for a tank to reverse engineering and CNC machining unobtainable parts, we do it. This allows us to keep control over the restoration process and keep costs down for our clients.

Mil‐Spec restorations is the vehicle restoration arm of Weapsim (Weapon Simulations Industries Pty. Ltd.). Weapsim was setup in 2014 specifically to develop weapons simulators and to fabricate other military and related equipment for tier 1 military contractors. One of Weapsim’s directors, Robin Mawson, had been restoring military vehicles for over 30 years and is well known amongst military vehicle enthusiasts. Owing to the many requests Robin received to restore military vehicles, Weapsim decided to expand its business model to cover this demand.

By the end 2020 the restoration business had grown to the point where it needed its own identity and Mil‐Spec Restorations was born.

The Team

Restoring military vehicles requires a very diverse set of skills. To be successful one must be multi‐skilled and have a passion for vehicle restoration. High standards are essential as is an eye for detail and the ability to solve complex problems. These are our standards and here is our team

Jason Boulter

Director, Machinist, Reverse Engineering and Design

Jason's strength is reverse engineering and design and looks after all aspects of this process at Mil-Spec Restorations including 3D CAD and CAM of both solid and sheet metal parts, 2D design, artwork for stencils, CNC programming and machining.

Jason has an incredible eye for detail and a passion for precision which makes him ideally suited to his role. His ability to think outside the box makes him a terrific problem solver and skilled researcher.

Being multi-talented is an essential part of being a vehicle restorer and Jason is in his element when it comes time to install and trouble shoot a vehicles electrical systems. Past challenges have included fabricating wiring looms from impossible schematics and rebuilding a complex carbon stack voltage regulator with balanced input from 2 generators.

Michael Heinrich

Fabrication and restoration

Michael, served with the Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery in the Australian Army for 26 years retiring as Warrant Office Class 2. Before joining the Australian Army, Michael completed his apprenticeship as a fitter with the CSIRO and honed his boiler making skills working in his father’s engineering business. More recently Michael has trained as a blacksmith.

Michael's metal working skills can be traced back to the early 80’s when he built his first car from junk yard scraps as a 15 year old for a school project, he still has and uses, the “buggy” to this day.

With welder in hand there isn’t much Michael can’t repair. Michael, like Robin, has a long history of restoring vehicles, with a particular passion for Land Rovers, his excellent Series 2 is a testament to his skills.

Robin Mawson

Company Director and Consultant Mechanic

Robin is now winding down to retirement after a career spanning 40 years’ as a mechanic specializing in heavy vehicles and owner of Mawson Motors. Robin served for 10 years as a reservist in the Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Corps where he gained valuable experience on all types of military vehicles and is a member of the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers.

Military vehicles are where Robin's passion lies and he has been restoring them for more than 30 years. During that time Robin has produced several concourse winning vehicles including his own LP2 Bren Carrier and M3A1 White Scout Car.

With a desire to give back to the industry that gave him so much Robin became a lecturer at the Gordon (TAFE) where he taught for 12 years, training heavy stream mechanic apprentices.

Stephen Cardigan

Head Mechanic, Fitter

Stephen has recently joined the team as our head mechanic. Steve is a talented mechanic and a Land Rover expert with over 30 years experience, including 15 years running his own Land Rover repair business. Steve has extensive knowledge of all Land Rover types used by the Australian Army including the 6x6, one of which he owns and uses as his daily driver.

Stephen has also completed an apprenticeship as a fitter and is a skilled machine operator and general engineer. Being naturally curious and a terrific problem solver, Steve is highly valued member of our team.

Stuart Coultish


Stuart is a hard working highly valued member of our team and very busy. Along side working with us Stuart continues to run his own business Geelong Classic Paint where he restores classic cars, specializing in Range Rovers.

Stuart has more than 25 years experience in the automotive painting industry, where he is at the top of his game. Stuart has an incredible eye for colour and can match colours others can't.

Although well known for his high quality paint work, Stuart's skill at working sheet metal is exquisite, he is one of the few who can shrink aluminium.