Land Rover Series 2a "Bruce"

Short Wheel Base

Date: 1970


The Land Rover Series 2a SWB arrived at our workshop in the rain on the back of a flat bed truck sporting a new coat of paint and new wheels.  From 10m away she looked fantastic, but under that shiny new skin lay a horror story only 50 years of neglect and dodgy repairs can create.


What was supposed to be a rewire and engine transplant turned into a complete strip down and rebuild.  All good restorations start with the chassis and this one was almost beyond saving.  I've never seen one so bad, it had rust holes one could pass their hand through and plates welded over rust holes that themselves had since rusted out.  The bulkhead was bent (undoubtedly the result of an accident) and more cracks than I could count.

With the challenge laid down the team swung into action.  The vehicle was stripped bare and an engineer called in to approve our planned chassis repairs.  The trans needed new bearings, seals, 1st and 2nd gears and synchro hub, synchro rings and a 1st 2nd gear selector fork.

The flogged out Holden red motor was replaced with a newly rebuilt 161 and a second hand bulkhead was sourced and repaired, and Stuart went to work on the body.  The painted cappings and all other galvanized parts removed, blasted and sent of to the galvanizer to restore their factory finish.

All electrical items were replaced and a new wiring harness installed.  Nothing was left untouched, the goal was to deliver a brand new car and that is what we were going to.

The sprint to the finish

Both front and rear diffs were rebuilt and new swivel balls fitted to the front end.  New springs, shockers and bushes on all corners and all new brakes, everything was replaced: drums, wheel cylinders, lines, hoses, master cylinder and fittings.

The power train was installed as was a new exhaust system then on goes the bulkhead and the wiring and plumbing commences.  Whilst the wiring and plumbing is underway the body work was completed and the newly galvanized parts installed with a combination of pop and solid rivets as per factory specifications.

A tricky part of any Land Rover restoration is the fitment and alignment of the body and this car was no different than any of the others we've completed over the journey and eventually we got it as square and straight as the day it rolled off the assembly line.

We love Land Rovers and specialize in series 2 to series 3 vehicles from 1960 to 1984.  Our head mechanic has over 40 years experience with Land Rovers and Mic our No.1 is an expert especially renowned in the military Land Rover community. 

Our expert and passionate team is renowned all over Australia for consistently delivering restorations equal to the best in the world.  If you have a Land Rover in need of a restoration then we would be honoured to bring your pride and joy back to factory new condition.