Mil‐Spec Restorations delivers world class restorations for collectors large and small. With our experienced, professional, highly skilled craftsmen and large well‐equipped workshop, we can take on, and have done, projects of any size from Land Rovers to tanks.

We work with our clients every step of they way to ensure the finished project meets their expectations of quality and authenticity, within their budget and time frame.

We love what we do and take a great deal of pride in the projects we deliver. Our eye for detail is well known and nothing is over looked in our quest to deliver an authentic period vehicle, from matching a weld bead to replicating an existing surface texture on a newly made part.

If you demand the best then come and see the best, contact us today.

Take a look at some of our past projects


This is our specialty and as the title implies, we restore your vehicle from the ground up, stripping the vehicle to the last nut and bolt and rebuild everything. Your completed vehicle will be as good as the day it rolled of the production line. Depending on your budget, preference and time frame we can complete your restoration to any level from ready to drive away to absolutely complete down to the last exacting detail. We can research the vehicle, source manuals, source available parts, fabricate parts, create stencils and paint markings. Most of our clients choose this option for their project.


We can complete a partial restoration of your vehicle to or from any point you wish.

This is an option chosen by those with the skills and time to complete some elements of the restoration themselves.

Past projects have included a simple tidy up and new paint work, another project the customer wanted us to rebuild the entire power train.

Reverse engineering and fabrication

In almost every restoration there are components that are simply unobtainable and must be reverse engineered and fabricated. We have a great deal of experience in this area and with our 4 axis CNC milling centre and CNC lathe there isn’t much we can’t fabricate.

In most cases we require an original part so we can create an exact reproduction, this is essential for parts under load. In the past we have visited museums both nationally and internationally to gain access to super rare original parts.

All parts are reverse engineered in our 3D CAD software. We either start with a blank screen or import a 3D scan of the original part, especially useful for parts with very complex geometry.

We are not limited to machined parts and have fabricated many sheet metal parts including large turret stowage bins, periscope mounts and 100's of brackets and mounts. We can, and have, produced tooling and fabricated small aluminium and steel pressed parts.